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Welcome to Nebula Core!

Nebula Core is a privately owned an operated "cloud services" provider built and maintained by Victor Rossi, a hobbyist designer, photographer, and tech enthusiast. Nebula Core is the central component in a growing network of machines and services, and aims to reduce Nebula users' reliance on major cloud platform providers like Google or Amazon.

If you've got a Nebula account (formerly Catserver account), log in with your credentials in the upper right. Having an account allows you to access the full array of features and services offered by Nebula Core, and allows you to provide some feedback, if you see fit. It's pretty neato.

If you need an account, send me an email and I'll set you up. Due to limited resources, accounts are only provided to friends and family at this time.

2017-11-22: So like, what the heck happened?

During an attempt to make Windows search not be so horrible by reindexing all the drives on Nebula Core, something happened all I know at this point) that caused a large amount of corruption on the SSD storing several virtual machines. Unfortunately, they may not be recoverable. There shouldn't be any permanent data loss, but the configuration for NextCloud, mFi, UniFi, Active Directory, as well as several smaller services was completely erased... unless I get really lucky. I'm attempting recovery now, but things may be down for quite awhile given the busier-than-average time of the year and the large amount of time that'll need to be invested to reconfigure everything. Ugh. Definitely not cool.
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2017-10-14: New Twitter Account, Offline Failover

Just a quick update. I finally got around to creating a new, more appropriately named Twitter account which should help notify you of service outages and new blog updates. Follow us @nebulafoundry! Also, I've set up a failover system via Cloudflare and AWS that should kick in if the server goes down. Mostly, it's just there to let you know that the server is, in fact, down and it's not just you. If that was ever in question.
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2017-10-01: Dread Scenario!

So I've played the tabletop RPG Dread a few times with my usual gaming group and decided to try my hand and writing a scenario. Not familiar with Dread? Well it's basically Jenga, but with backstory. You can read more about it here. It's a lot of fun, and allows for great deal of exuberant (and sometimes hilarious) role-playing without all the complication of a game like Dungeons and Dragons. My scenario, called The Forest Withers, sits firmly in the genre of "high fantasy" and tells the story of a group of young travelers who were sent by the elders of their village to warn of an evil plague that has begun to destroy the forest and everything in it. They have to get to the city and warn the powerful High Mages before the plague catches them, or worse. There's mystery, there's intrigue, and there's maybe a bit too much writing on my part.

Anyway, if you are intere
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2017-04-07: More hardware upgrades, service enhancements, and PDXLAN!

So it's been about eight months(ish) since I completed the latest build of Nebula Core Alpha, the server I host NC and almost all the related services on. Since then, I've nearly doubled the amount of resources required by day-to-day operations by setting up addition software, VMs, and all sorts of other fun stuff that I may or may not actually use. As such, I decided to throw some additional hardware at the situation. I've replaced my $20 Xeon L5630 Quad-core processors with the nearly-as-cheap Xeon L5640 Six-core processors, and doubled the system ram to 32gb. I've also added a second SSD to allow for more space for VMs, which should help out performance in some applications considerably. So hopefully this will take care of things for awhile, and allow me to try out some new things.

And speaking of new things, I've finally configured the VPN to work as it should have all along, so registered users can now connect and share network resources or conn
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2017-03-03: Botnet Attack, Cloudflare, and more

It came to my attention that, hosted on Nebula Core, was getting hit with a botnet attack targeting a particular Wordpress file. The typical reason for an attack like this would be to brute force an account password for the Wordpress install, possibly to install malicious code that would turn my server into a member of the botnet. This doesn't seem to have happened, but to help mitigate further attacks like this I've configured all Nebula Core sites with Cloudflare's DNS proxy service, with a few exceptions that require direct access. This means you may have to change the way to access Nebula FTP, Remote Desktop, Minecraft, or other direct connect services. Generally, connecting directly to the service (directing your client to, for example) should work. Cloudflare also works as a caching service, meaning page loads to static sites like should be marginally faster.

I've also began setting up a new N
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